Interactive Sculpture Festival

September 2018, the city of Rishon Letzion

In September 2018, an international sculpture festival was held in the city of Rishon Lezion on the subject of "Interactive Sculptures". Sculptures that can be used in any way, whether through game, playing, producing sounds, and so on. We went out in a "Call for artists" to many artists around the world and out of 150 proposals were selected 9 artists. All the sculptures are currently placed in "Shikma" Park in the city.

Pictures from the festival

Participating artists

A stone gramophone. Place the mobile phone in a special outlet at the bottom of the statue. You can hear music or a sound file in another tone.

Wang Biao



Lime stone

A kind of giant kaleidoscope, which paints the world in color when the wheels are driven.

Bahadir Colak

"Magic life"


Lime stone, rubber, plastic and stainless steel.

shlomo katz

"Game of chess"


Lime stone, granit

Two large chess pieces carved in stone and between them a chess table.

A girl figure and a ruler will allow us to examine how tall we are.

Evrim kilic

"What is my hight?"


Lime stone

A play table for four, where marbles are placed at the end of the turret, and these produce traffic all the way down.

Hiroyuki Asakawa

"Corocoro" 82x185x185

Lime stone, marbles

A statue that is intended to be photographed next to him when the viewer puts his head into the mouth of the lion.

Yuri Matzkin

"How is the bravest"


Lime stone

harp. Let's delve into its strings.

Huan Karloss



Lime stone, wood

Glasses for self-reflection.

Bhupt Dudi

"How i am?"


Lime stone, stainless steel

A horn or a giant shofar where you can stick and produce sounds far and wide.

Evrim Camoglu

"Calling pipe"


Lime stone,Bazalt

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