A sculpture festival in the spirit of the Hebrew language

"Because they are said in Hebrew - their power is not equal when copied to another language" 

  Moshe Tzvi Segal

April 2016,  Rishon Lezion city

The festival of stone sculpture in the spirit of the Hebrew language took place during the intermediate days of Pesach 2016 in the first city where Hebrew was taught. Ten artists, fourteen days, fifty tons of stone and lots of creativity and talent in one place. The task of the artists is to "translate" the spirit and the words into concrete language - in stone and even in iron. It is a task that requires conceptual skill, aesthetic expression, sensitivity to thought, and the ability to translate into concrete work.

Pictures from the festival

Participating artists

Shlkomo Katz



Lime stone, iron

Hertzel Hadar



Lime stone

Genya Gendelman



Lime stone

Hamudi Mula

"In the mirror of the beholder"


Lime stone

Rafail Georgive

"Knowledge Weel"


Lime stone

Stefan Bokor

"Jesture to Eliezer Ben Yehuda"


Lime stone

Ze'ev Krisher

"Transit Ship"


Lime stone

Amal sharhan



Lime stone

Dudu Mor

"Hayad hahazaka"


Lime stone

Aviva Berger



Lime stone

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