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We produce international stone sculpture festivals, which hosts world-class artists and creators. Characterizing the city's needs, building the content for the festival, selecting the main theme, distributing a "voice call" to a community of thousands of artists, and managing the entire festival in all its layers,Until the sculptures are placed in the public space for the general public and for the welfare of the residents and the inviting municipality.

We market works of art by local artists and artists, by personal invitation to private customers and companies. Among the works that have been commissioned to this day are environmental sculptures, chamber sculptures, pictures, drawings, prints and more.


We specialize in the design and execution of monumental projects, including monuments, outdoor sculptures and installations in space, in various projects spread throughout the country.

We invite you to be impressed by our cooperation with our friends overseas.

Who we are?

Most of our work has been in environmental sculpture since 2002. We provide a variety of services in this field, the leading of which is the production of stone sculpture festivals. We specialize in the design and sculpture of squares, monuments and central centers in various cities, parks, heritage sites and other institutional bodies. The private sector also has a personal invitation. Our strategy is based on creating interest and stamping the eye of the beholder with a sense of identification with the work in front of it. We believe that art in general and the field of sculpture in particular should break through the boundaries of the museum and be accessible to the general public, thus promoting this necessary cultural feature as a hallmark of the resident's environment.


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