Ma'aleh Adumim Sculpture Festival

September 2017,   Ma'aleh Adumim city

In September 2018, an international sculpture festival was held in the city of Ma'aleh Adumim on a free subject. The city has been late in the past for stone sculpture festivals, and has also built dedicated infrastructures at Shamir Park in the city. The festival was part of the Sukkot Festival held by the municipality. The sculptures were chosen by the municipality committee as needed, meaning that the designated location was characterized by the necessary sculpture. The festival was attended by five artists from Israel and another artist from Bulgaria. After the festival, the statues were placed throughout the city.

Pictures from the festival

Participating artists

shlomo katz



Lime stone, granit

Hikmat Hriss

"Horses in the valley"


Lime stone, Granit

Jamal Hasan



Lime stone

Yuri Matzkin



Lime stone, iron

Rafail Georgive



Lime stone, iron

Amal sharhan



Lime stone, iron

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